About Us

The Ugly Cookie was started back in 2013. It is a family owned business located in Cash/Greenville, Texas. We started out just baking cookies for friends and family for special occasions. After overwhelming praises and comments about how good the cookies were, we decided to try to take it to the next level and add an online presence.

We don’t just bake fresh every day, we bake fresh for every order! That’s our promise at the Ugly Cookie, our delicious cookies are baked homemade and from scratch to order. Our cookies are baked, packed and shipped by hand.

Our cookies are baked with the best and freshest ingredients for best quality. Made with real butter, rich chocolate, and fresh whole nuts to ensure you receive great tasting cookies. And every delicious selection is a testament to the timeless art of hand-baking, because we bake our cookies fresh for every order. Although, they might not be the best looking cookies on the table, they will be the best tasting ones. Why buy those nice and pretty cookie that taste like cardboard, when you can buy cookies from us at TheuglyCookie.com?

Whether you’re ordering for a friend or for a customer, for yourself or for your family, we guarantee that if your cookies were shipped or delivered today, they were baked today!